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whisper incantation

cadence : Nel Labrinto Dela Voce

Cathy Berberian, la magnifiCathy

photo 00:00 Michelle {The Beatles}
03:52 Ticket To Ride {The Beatles}
05:37 Azerbaijan Love Song {USSR}
08:16 Fox Trot (Old Sir Faulk) {Edith Sitwell}
10:22 Surabaya Johnny {Brecht/Hartig/Weill}
15:30 Le Grand Lustucru {Deval/Weill/Fernay}
18:00 Siroohis (Mio Amore) {Armenian}
20:45 Im Yerke (La mia canzone) {Alemsah}
23:10 A La Femminisca {Sicily}
24:33 Black Is the Colour {Niles}
27:05 I Wonder As I Wander {Niles}

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