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whisper incantation

Objet Du Désir : Eliane Radigue

" This album rescues three pieces from original tapes which have lined the walls of Radigue's flat in Paris for over 40 years. Preferring to work at night - once her children were asleep - these compositions were created using tones derived from an ARP 2500 synthesizer and manipulated on multiple tape machines, creating feedback loops and altering their pitch and duration to coax out quavering microtonal harmonics and ultrasound frequencies not usually perceived at their normal setting."

The sound is both beautiful and terrifying, sounding either like a 1000 strong squadron of B-52's heard from miles away, or a mouth-bound choir humming in unison, somehow subliminally joined by shrill gull-like hi-end repetition, with a slowly encroaching black mass of low-end tones and isolated, glassy highs leaving us for six.

Deluxe Gatefold double vinyl edition of 400 copies for the world with a 16 page booklet of notes, interview and photos.

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