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bitsound 173
original photo by Firmino Pereira

Guardar [MP3 |ZIP]


00:00 Six Organs of Admittance - River Of My Youth
05:40 Scout Niblett - River Of No Return
08:15 Ella Fitzgerald - Cry Me A River
12:12 Dead Combo - The River
14:35 Dirty Three and Low - Down By The River
18:10 Mark Lanegan - Down By The River
22:15 Richard Hawley - Roll River Roll
27:10 Bill Callahan - From The Rivers To The Oceans
33:35 Cowboy Junkies - River Waltz

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi from Greece, for quite a while now I 've been dowloading everything you post and I really appreciate it!!

Thank you!!!