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beating the pearls : Road to Nowhere

Jack: So baby let’s face it, you can stay in paradise for 30 minutes before the devil knows you're dead or you can run, blow it out and bang it all anytime! There’s a hole in your head, a storm in your mind, there’ no money in no pocket, there’s no emotional adventure like this freedom ride. Lay down, put the sunglasses on and leave them all behind! Stay alive and drive like you’ve never been hurt. Drive like a roadrunner going faster miles an hour. Put the radio on, hit the road down in Indiana where the State 69 begins. You’re free, just lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies! Are you ready? Can you do it?

Miss Bang: I'm the one with the dirty boots, i'll drive!

Jack: I don't thik so...

Miss Bang: Hey, kool thing, come here, sit down beside me. Don't be shy! Fear, baby!? Huhh! It's time to rock the road! There's just something i've got to ask you: should i take the Gran Torino or the Lincoln Continental?

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