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bitsound #090 00:56:30 | 31-03-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Mitsuyoshi Matsuda - Evening Melody Sun, Cancelled - Blessings tUnE-YaRdS - For You Vincent - Sober Morning Walk Heidi Elva - For Your Love One Little Plane - Until Dné - First Conversation Lay Low - Days Have Been Lispector - Romantic At Heart Psapp - Upstairs Lali Puna - Small Things Leila - Lush Dolphins Ms. John Soda - Sometimes Stop, Sometimes Go Catherine Wheel - I Want To Touch You Ride - Vapour Trail Fanfarlo - Comets

bitsound #089 00:57:00 | 24-03-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Burbuja - el VUELO del ABEJORRO Ideal Husband, The - Water Lily Arborea - In The Tall Grass Mirah - While We Have The Sun Two Small Steps - The Lake Ideal Husband, The - Where Are Kisses PQ - Follow Me Husband & Wife - Comp Jam Mogwai - Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home Barzin - My Life In Rooms O+S - We Do What We Want To Ulrich Schnauss - Einfeld Heidi Elva - For Your Love (Part Timer Remix) Mint Julep - Your Letter Guitar - Sunkissed

bitsound #088 00:57:00 | 17-03-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Samara Lubelski - Meeting Of The Sun CocoRosie - Sunshine Marissa Nadler - Heart Paper Lover Message To Bears - Plane Over Evening Sky Kevin Drew - Broke Me Up Color Cassette - Little Yellow Light Last Days - New House Silje Nes - Bright Night Morning Band in Box - A Spoon That You Can Bend Heatherwoods - Calling You Out (turned) Ida - Golden Hours Said the Shark - Youd Never Know Trico! - Calendar July Skies - To Love You Blossom Efterklang - Bright Everyday Visuals, The - Intro (Morning Star) Galaxie 500 - Here She Comes Now

bitsound #087 00:56:08 | 10-03-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Sora - Traces Long Lost, The - Awash Seabear - I Sing I Swim Stuart Murdoch - Another Saturday M. Ward - Let My Love Open The Door Luna - Moon Palace Yo La Tengo - Always Something Wilco - Sky Blue Sky Alt-Ctrl-Sleep - Closer To Me Familiar Trees - Nameless Hope Sandoval - Around My Smile Ruby Suns - Morning Sun Half Cousin - Your Name One Little Plane - Rise Peter & The Wolf - Lightness Micah P. Hinson - Sunrise Over The Olympus Mons

bitsound #086 00:57:00 | 03-03-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Frakkur - 6 Long Lost, The - Sibilance Tenniscoats - Lutie Lutie Austin Lace - Ease your feet in the sea American Green - Dance Around April Petals Tape - Come Maddalena Postmarks, The - Summer Never Seems To Last Sad Snowman, The - My Wandering Days Are Over Ruby Suns - Ole Rinka Slowblow - I Know You Can Smile So Quiet - Tonight Trico! - Everything Goes Well Trespassers William - Love is Blindness Lotte Kestner - Face Shape Headless Heroes - Hey, Who Really Cares?

bitsound #085 00:57:00 | 24-02-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Múm - Blai Hnotturinn 1 Cranes - Driving in the Sun Mint Julep - Drawing Lines Children and Corpse Playing in the Streets - When Spring Comes Bilbao - Magic Familiar Trees - Dreamstate Long Lost, The - Finders Keepers Psapp - Tricycle Loom, The - Song for the Winter Sun Sin Fang Bous - Sunken Ship PO - Summer Morning Dné - Bare Flower In Vain Tunng - Jenny Again Little Joy - Don't Watch Me Dancing Eels - Love Of The Loveless Asobi Seksu - I Can't See Mixtapes & Cellmates - Static, oh Static Sad Day For Puppets - Big Waves Rosebuds, The - Another Way In

bitsound #084 01:02:25 | 14-02-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Lonesome New Mexico Nights Snow in Mexico - You and my Winter Asobi Seksu - Breathe Into Glass Isan - My Last Journey (weather baloon) First Aid Kit - Ignition Bird and The Bee, The - Baby Saint Etienne - Kiss And Make Up Miou Miou - A l'ete de la Saint Martin '68 (Montag Remix) Elefant - Tonight Let's Dance Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken Sad Day For Puppets - Blue Skies Burning Hearts - I Lost My Colour Vision Cats on Fire - Letters From a Voyage to Sweden Burning Hearts - Sea Birds Miou Miou - La Grande Sucrerie (Lullatone Remix) Bird and The Bee, The - Love Letter to Japan

bitsound #083 00:57:00 | 10-02-2009 MP3 |ZIP

adcBicycle - You And The Snow The Invisible Fish - Fallen Majessic Dreams - Summernight Sad Day For Puppets - Lay Your Burden On Me Wixel - Diamond Sea The Abbasi Brothers - A Long Weekend Lotte Kestner - Before You Are The Innocence Mission - Suitcase Waltz Anna Ternheim - Anywhere I Lay My Head Marissa Nadler - Loner California Snow Story - My Life Is Only A Daydream Mia Vigar - Wondering through your window Cocoanut Groove - The castle Telepathe - In Your Line

bitsound #082 00:59:36 | 03-02-2009 MP3 |ZIP

First Aid Kit - Valse Entertainment for the Braindead - Fences Beneva Vs. Clark Nova - His Freefloating Affection Brendan Canning - Take Care, Look Up Grizzly Bear and Feist - Service Bell Majessic Dreams - Walk You Home Scarlett Johansson - I'll Shoot The Moon Headless Heroes - To You One Little Plane - Make of Me Bilbao - Magic PO - Ten One Palms - New Moon Children of the Wave - Children Of The Polka Laura Gibson - All The Pretty Horses

bitsound #081 00:57:00 | 27-01-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Miaou - Shining Rosebuds, The - Hello Darling Devine & Statton - Never Coming Back Lotte Kestner - Fainting Spells Agathe & Fine - Green Grass Children of the Wave - Late August Blues July Skies - Girl On The Hill Au Revoir Borealis - Maps Of The Sky Here We Go Magic - Fangela Department Of Eagles - No One Does It Like You Fleet Foxes - Sun It Rises / Your Protector Ms. John Soda - A Million Times Peter Broderick - And It's Alright

bitsound #080 00:57:00 | 20-01-2009 MP3 |ZIP

Wixel - You'll Be a Warming Wind from a Distant Sun Children of the Wave - Happy Bats California Snow Story - Future Perfect Boy in Static - First Love Trespassers William - Different Stars Said the Shark - Miss You Most Boy in Static - Violet Innocence Mission, The - Bright As Yellow Ride - Only Now Camera Obscura - I Love How You Love Me Melpo Mene - Babes And Darlings Tony Dekker - Song Sung Blue Andrew Bird - The Privateers Twilight Sad, The - I Was Hoping The Winter Was Over Animal Collective - Bluish

bitsound #079 00:57:00 | 14-01-2009 MP3 |ZIP

bitsound #078 00:57:00 | 06-01-2009 MP3 |ZIP

bitsound #077 00:57:00 | 23-12-2008 MP3 |ZIP

Domotic - Smith, Klaus & White Montag - All I See (extracto) Alt-Ctrl-Sleep - Dream Durutti Column, The - Snowflakes Cathrine O'Hara - Sally's Song Lights - Rise Up Grizzly Bear - Reprise Rio En Medio - The Light House Sol Seppy - Wonderland Postmarks, The - Three Little Birds Lights - Here We Go Bright Eyes - Away In A Manger One Little Plane - Summer Stream Battle of Land and Sea, The - The Beautiful Ones Broadcast - Winter Now Erlend Øye - Last Christmas

bitsound #076 00:57:00 | 19-12-2008 MP3 |ZIP

Piana - Winter Sleep Hood - The Winter Hit Hard Múm - Winter (What We Never Were After All) El Perro Del Mar - From the valley to the stars Declining Winter, The - The Clock Gently Ticking in the Hall Postmarks, The - Leaves Husky Rescue - Diamonds in the sky (Tunng remix) Paula Frazer - We Met by the Love-Lies-Bleeding A Whisper In the Noise - True Love Will Find You In The End I Am Kloot - Only Role in Town Jeff Martin - Strange for a Tuner (Chequerboard Remix) Leila - Underwaters (One For Keni) Lymbyc Systym - So We Can Sleep (Daedelus) Sans Arc - The Falling Sky Fjordne - Everyone Has a Season

bitsound #075 00:57:00 | 09-12-2008 MP3 |ZIP

Harpeth Trace, The - Who Knows Where You Are Sad Day For Puppets - My Twin Star Headless Heroes - True Love Will Find You In The End July Skies - To My Love Grizzly Bear - Alligator Mercury Rev - Fable Of A Silver Moon Midori Hirano - Sora Tickley Feather - Keyboards is Drunk Mia Vigar - Music room Mia Vigar - Seaside Ofrin - Nothing Comes To Mind Old Splendifolia - On Threee Sea Wolf - Leaves In The River Sad Day For Puppets - All The Songs Mia Vigar - La Jalousie Lilies On Mars - Et Voila Frente! - Ruby's Arms

bitsound #074 00:57:00 | 30-11-2008 MP3 |ZIP

bitsound #073 00:57:00 | 25-11-2008 MP3 |ZIP

Shearwater - I Was A Cloud Erik Enocksson - Think of Me as The Sea Erik Enocksson - The Joy Of D.H. Lawrence Ethan Rose - Relations Mark Tranmer - By Association Giant Sand - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love Agitated Radio Pilot - An Ear To The River Micah P. Hinson - I Keep Havin' These Dreams Final Fantasy - The Ballad Of No-Face Dawn Landes - Goodnight Lover Band in Box - Elevator Theme Entertainment For the Braindead - Colours Said the Shark - All the Rules Silje Nes - Escape Cranes - Diorama Suzy Mangion - Many Happy Returns Cranes - Worlds

bitsound #072 00:57:00 | 18-11-2008 MP3 |ZIP

Postmarks, The - Six Different Ways Rachel Goswell - Hope Reefer - May Baleen My Bloody Valentine - I Need No Trust Final Fantasy - Blue Imelda Tara Jane O'Neil - Sunday Song Helios - Hope Valley Hill Mojave 3 - Bringin' Me Home Broadcast - Before We Begin Postmarks, The - OX4 Sans Arc - This is My Last Breat Slowdive - Here She Comes Neil Halstead - Seasons Durutti Column, The - Harry Dreams The Dream

bitsound #071 00:57:00 | 11-11-2008 MP3 |ZIP

Mikael Lind - Adjusted 700 Color Cassette - Tell-Tale In Two Parts Efterklang - Swarming (Antenne Version) Broadcast - Winter Now Radio Dept. , The - Annie Laurie 13ghosts - Underground Alt-Ctrl-Sleep - Sleep St. Just Vigilantes - Rose Grenades Swiiruru - Dear Frog Tico Moon - Lilac Time TwinSisterMoon - Perchta Helios - Glimpse Atlas Sound - Airedales Notwist, The - Boneless (Panda Bear Remix) Broadcast - Colour Me In Fight Bite - Swissex Lover Durutti Column, The - Lullaby (live)



AGF Vintage said...

o 100 deve ser confidencial :)

Zito said...

era de duração limitada :)

agora é o bit perdido ou lost bit :)

Anonymous said...

no. 99, the best yet! A Girl Called Eddy, Audrey Hepburn & some wonderful new discoveries... from beginning to end a masterpiece. I love the 'moon' theme too, never stop making these!

Anonymous said...


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