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whisper incantation


bitsound #054 01:01:56 | 06-06-2008
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# SusannahT @ flickr
00:00 Quiet Village Victoria's Secret Silent Movie [2008] Info
03:25 Animal Collective Seal Eyeing Water Curses EP [2008] Info
06:35 El Perro Del Mar Inner Island From the Valley to the Stars [2008] Info
10:30 Album Leaf The Light Into the Blue Again [2006] Info
14:35 High Places Shared Islands 03/07 - 09/07 [2008] Info
18:30 Architecture In Helsinki Underwater Places Like This [2007] Info
21:55 Daedelus Never None The Wiser Denies the Day's Demise [2006] Info
25:10 Flaming Lips, The It's Summertime Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots [2002] Info
28:30 Kelley Polar Sea of Sine Waves I Need You to Hold On While the Sky Is Falling [2008] Info
34:00 Röyksopp She's So Melody A.M. [2001] Info
39:10 Yeasayer Wait for the Summer All Hour Cymbals [2007] Info
43:35 Paavoharju Salainen Huone Laulu Laakson Kukista [2008] Info
44:20 Two For The Road In Every Color Two For The Road [2007] Info
47:20 Kid Loco I Can't Let It Happen To You Kill Your Darlings [2001] Info
51:33 Fiery Furnaces, The Waiting To Know You Bitter Tea [2006] Info
55:30 Daedelus Sunrise Denies the Day's Demise [2006] Info


The Invisible Girl said...

Apetitosas ambas :]

Boas férias, aproveita bem e descansa muito ;) Bjs

dj duck said...

E Boas Férias!
dj duck

Edu said...

Kid Loco:

Boas férias :-)

HC said...

O podcast já não funciona?

electriklife said...

mental ride ;) *****