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Joana Francesa
Laura Laurent
Ruth Marie
bitsound #042 - Is a Woman 00:59:53 | 08-03-2008
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# "Rouge sur bleu ciel", Claudia MEYER, Parc du chateau, SAINT GERMAIN EN LAYE , France, Juillet 2007
00:00 Jens Lekman Julie Oh You're So Silent [2005] Info
02:55 Divine Comedy, The Lucy A Secret History [1999] Info
07:20 Josh Rouse Caroliña Nashville [2005] Info
10:45 Yo La Tengo Madeline And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out [2000] Info
14:17 M. Craft Lucile Silver and Fire [2006] Info
17:35 Beach Boys, The Wendy Endless Summer [1974] Info
19:40 David Bowie Janine Space Oddity [1969] Info
22:50 Pixies Allison Bossanova [1990] Info
24:00 Nick Cave Deanna Tender Prey [1988] Info
27:45 Bob Dylan Sara Desire [1975] Info
33:15 The Beatles Michelle Rubber Soul [1965] Info
35:50 Mojave 3 Sarah Ask Me Tomorrow [1995] Info
39:30 Rolling Stones, The Angie Goats Head Soup [1973] Info
43:55 Mark Eitzel Jenny The Ugly American [2003] Info
47:10 Leonard Cohen Suzanne Songs of Leonard Cohen [1967] Info
50:55 Chico Buarque Cecilia Ao Vivo [1999] Info

oh Julie you know that i aint for hire, but you can have me, you can trade me for your cigarette lighter

She lived unknown, and few could know, When Lucy ceased to be

Carolina's so Happy on the outside, She keeps frowning inside

Madeline, you'll surely find, Smiles from inside a worried glance

Lucille, where did the love go?

Wendy left me alone

So stay, Janine, And we can glide along

i saw the face of Allison

The sun a hump at my shoulder, O Deanna

Sara,  Lovin' you is the one thing I'll never regret.

I will say the only words I know that, You'll understand, my Michelle.

Sarah I can´t see you, your hair has grown too long

Angie, youre beautiful, but aint it time we said good-bye?

Jenny don't go, Please don't go home now

Now Suzanne takes your hand , And she leads you to the river

Mas nem as subtis melodias, Merecem, Cecília, teu nome


Ana said...

tão bonitinho este podcast :)
a música da Cecilia é a mais bonita :P

Anonymous said...


Shumway said...

Acabei agora mesmo de ouvir e está excelente.
Parabéns pelas selecções que já constatei são muito boas e variadas.
O retorno será necessariamente constante.


Zito said...

tks Shumway
sim, vai aparecendo.

As tuas escolhas no baixa fidelidade são excelentes.


Cordonbleu said...

Não sei porque será, mas encontro uma certa simpatia para com o último tema.
Tenho a dizer que estas melodias acompanharam os cozinhados do último sábado...e foi...inspirador!!!

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