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bitsound #040 00:52:00 | 21-02-2008
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"Goutte", Sandrine MEDDOUR, CHARMES, France, Octobre 2007
.Sol Seppy Answer To The Name Of [00:00] The Bells Of 1 2 [2006] Info
.Dead Combo The River [02:27] Guitars From Nothing [2007] Info
.Lykke Li Hanging High [05:56] Youth Novels [2008] Info
.Beneva Vs. Clark Nova Lazy, But Comfortable Size [09:35] Sombunall [2008] Info
.Matmos Snails And Lasers For Patricia [12:30] The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast [2006] Info
.Misophone You Can't Break a Broken Heart [17:55] Where has it gone, all the beautiful music of our grandparents? It died with them, that's where it went... [2008] Info
.Cocosuma You Are My Sunshine (intro) [20:20] We'll Drive Home Backwards [2008] Info
.Girls In Hawaii Coral [20:40] Plan Your Escape [2008] Info
.Beneva Vs. Clark Nova With Love, Etc. [21:30] Sombunall [2008] Info
.Lykke Li Dance. Dance. Dance [24:55] Youth Novels [2008] Info
.Misophone Tired of Silly Dreams [28:20] Where has it gone ... [2008] Info
.Dead Combo The end [30:30] Guitars From Nothing [2007] Info
.EZ3kiel Lull [31:10] Battlefield [2008] Info
.The Boats Information For Employers 1 [33:40] Our Small Ideas [2008] Info
.Grizzly Bear Knife (Covered by Atlas Sound) [36:35] Friend EP [2007] Info
.Mixtapes and Cellmates Static, oh static [40:50] A Retrospective [2007] Info
.Atlas Sound Recent Bedroom [44:55] Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel [2007] Info
.The Jesus and Mary Chain Just Like Honey [48:55] Psychocandy [1985] Info
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... ontem o Gira começou assim :

Love will save you when the ocean splits itself in two
Love will save you when the cold wind blows right through you
Love will save you when the poison eats the precious air
And love will save you from the snake that crawls around down there
But it won't save me


franksy! [girlfriend in a , ] said...

Lykke Li é tão bonito!!!!!!!!!!!

Zito said...

... dance dance dance ....
bolacha grátis

franksy! [girlfriend in a , ] said...

só a capa?!...

bolachinha sem sal...

Zito said...

bonita bonita é a capa !

vá deixo um pouco mais, mais uma bolacha grátis

franksy! [girlfriend in a , ] said...

eu sou assim... quero sempre mais! ;)

franksy! [girlfriend in a , ] said...


Eduardo Jai said...

muito som bom por aqui

keep it coming

Um dia BOM

The Invisible Girl said...

Matmos é excelente. Adoro aquela bateria :)

Milky Bay said...

vai trabalhar malandro.