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bitsound #032 00:53:52 | 20-12-2007
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"Au milieu du turquoise des glaces, un ilot de blanc...", Spitzberg, Svalbard, Juillet 2004 © Jean ZUCCHET
.Steve Jansen Playground Martyrs (reprise) [03:01] Slope [2007] Info
.Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia TH5 [02:12] My Elixir; My Poison [2004] Info
.Grizzly Bear Knife (Covered by Atlas Sound) [04:54] Friend Ep [2007] Info
.Kemialliset Ystävät Silmujen Marssi 2 [02:51] Varisevien Tanssi/Silmujen Mar [2003] Info
.Ai Phoenix He Kisses The Streets I Walk [06:50] The Light Shines Almost all the Away [2007] Info
.AUS Mayonaka No Sukima [04:16] Curveland [2007] Info
.Milieu Singing Stones [01:36] A Dusty Box Of Old Memories [2005] Info
.EBB Stay Out Of Traffic [04:00] Loona [2007] Info
.Machinefabriek Kale Bomen Langs De Weg [03:46] Weleer [2007] Info
.Goldfrapp Eat Yourself [04:08] Seventh Tree [2008] Info
.Daedelus Muggle Born [03:32] Invention [2002] Info
.Hope Sandoval I Thought You'd Fall For Me [04:53] Suzanne (EP) [2002] Info
.Blanket Off [04:51] Blank It [2007] Info
.Susanna And The Magical Orchestra Enjoy The Silence [03:44] Melody Mountain [2006] Info

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# ... e porque há "boas" músicas de Natal ...
Beating the Pearls: podcast #005 - Christmas

# Antony regressa em 2008 com novo registo de originais.
O sucessor de "I Am a Bird Now" vai ser editado pela Secretly Canadian e deverá chamar-se "The Crying Light". Segundo Antony vai ser um registo menos triste e mais intimo.
“On my last record, everything was sort of sad and redemptive, And this one, it’s more extreme in both directions. Some of the songs are much more joyful and some of the songs are much less redemptive. And then some of the songs are more thoughtful—more philosophical. I think this record is just about sitting with things.”

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